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Bounce House Setup Instructions

Step 1: Check the Area and Setup Tarp
Check your site for stones, sticks, or other obstructions. Check for the nearest electrical outlet and TEST IT before you start. This can save you a lot of work later. Many outdoor outlets do not work. Once you have your site ready, unfold your tarp.
A tarp is not always necessary.  It is ok not to use a tarp if the moonwalk is going to be setup in a grassy area; however, if it is going on pavement, a tarp is necessary.  The picture shows the tarp unfolded and ready to be staked down.
Step 2: Unload the Inflatables
Tip the unit up on the rolled end.  Once the unit is on its' end, pull your hand truck into place. It is important to place the unit on the hand truck with the blower tubes facing out, on the opposite side from the hand truck. The tubes show you where the back of the unit is so that you know which side you need to place toward the blower. This will help you to easily position the unit on the tarp, ready to unroll.
Slide the hand truck under the unit, then tip it back onto the hand truck and roll it off the trailer. This hand truck has inflatable wheels- they are much better for this type of work than the hard-wheeled type of hand truck. Hard wheels tend to tear up grass and drag in low traction conditions.
Step 3: Setup
Good placement on the tarp will make unrolling easy.
Position the unit in the center of the back of the tarp (wherever you plan to place the blower). Tip the unit forward and pull the hand truck out from under it. Then allow it to fall back onto the tarp with the blower tubes on top.
You may need to adjust the unit to that it lines up correctly and is centered.
Unknot the straps and remove them. Place them in your bag so you don't lose them.
Unroll the blower tubes.
Unroll the unit.

Unfold the sides and straighten them out.
Step 4: Inflate & Inspect
Inflating only takes a minute or two!
Once the unit is completely inflated, make sure to stake all four corners of the inflatable, ensuring the stakes are all the way in the ground so the unit cannot be moved.  This is very important to ensure proper use and safety of occupants. 
Don't skip a quick inspection before you allow the kids in.
Most units have two blower tubes on them. On the one that will not have the blower attached to it, you will need to close the opening. Pleat or fold the vinyl fabric as tight as you can, then use the attached strap to secure it shut. This doesn't have to be airtight- expect some air to leak out of this tube. Escaping air is what makes your unit bouncy.
Hook the blower up to the other tube. Slide the blower opening into the tube, then pleat and fold the extra fabric around the blower to hold it while you tighten the strap. Wrap the strap around the blower and tube and tighten.
Make sure you have gathered all the fabric in the strap, especially around the bottom, where it is hard to see.
All set!  Check to make sure your extension cord is away from foot traffic as much as possible. Arrange the cord so that it is away from the entrance of the unit. Make sure all children are away from the unit before you turn the blower on. Simply plug in the blower and turn it on.
Inflation only takes a minute or two. Kids will want to get in immediately but make sure you complete your inspection first.
Moonwalk Breakdown
Step 1: Deflate & Unsecure
Make sure everyone and all belongings are out of the inflatable before you turn it off.
Turn off the blower and unhook the straps that secure the blower tube to the blower.
Unhook the straps on the other blower tube to allow air to escape.
Pull up the stakes all around the unit.
Walk (in socks) from front to back on the unit, moving any remaining air toward the blower tubes.
The unit is deflated and ready to be rolled up.
Step 2: Folding
A good fold is critical for making the unit easier to handle and for packing into a vehicle.
Fold the sides in to the center, flattening them out as much as possible.
Now, take the top back corner and fold it back out to the side of the unit. What we are doing is flattening out the back section.
Grab the other top back corner from the other wall and pull it back over to the side to completely flatten the back of the unit.
We are going to do the same thing to the front.
Pull back the corners on each side of the front to flatten it.
Fold in the base of the unit all the way around
Fold the safety step in (if the inflatable has a step).
Now fold one side in to the middle (half way).
Now fold the other side into the middle as well (half way).
Fold one half over the other.
Step 3: Rolling
The last step: A tight roll will be much easier to handle.
Before you start to roll, slide the end of the strap under the end of the moonwalk (about 2ft) that you are rolling toward.  Start your roll from the front of the unit. Roll it up just like a sleeping bag. Grasp the end tightly and fold it in, then push and roll it.
Keep pushing and flattening the roll as you go. It helps to have someone walk on the roll right in front of you.
The center of the roll is the hardest because that is where the bulk of the material is. You will have to really push on this section to get it to roll up.
At the end of the roll, tuck the blower tubes in.
The straps should already be under the unit, all you have to do is pull and tie.
Run the end of the straps through the D-rings on the other end of the straps and pull tight.
Loop the end of the strap around and tie in a slip knot.
Tip the unit up onto the end of the roll.
Place the hand truck under the unit.
Whew! You are finished! Ready to pack up and move on.
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